Forthcoming Events:

From Friday 29th July, every Friday for six weeks over the summer, Claire will be found at Ventnor Botanical Gardens, at 1pm, giving a guided herb walk through the herb garden.

The walk should last around 45 minutes and is on flat ground, suitable for wheelchair users and pushchairs - though please bring rain gear if necessary!

(Please note that normal garden entrance fee applies)

Claire is usually found at Bebeccino's in Newport on a Wednesday afternoon - sampling herbal teas and chatting with the independent midwives....come and say hello and try some tea..

National Bug Busting Day - Supported by members of NIMH

Members of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists will be participating in National Bug Busting Day this Sunday, 31st January.
Head lice are a common problem particularly in school age children, but anyone can be affected. The aim of national Bug Busting Day is to have a concerted effort to eradicate head lice and stop them circulating. Regular thorough wet combing can be used to clear an infestation. Some lice have become resistant to the chemicals used to treat them.
Herbal medicine has safe and effective remedies for head lice.  Medical herbalists might suggest one of the following ways of dealing with head lice.
Infusion of quassia bark chips (from the quassia tree which grows in tropical parts of the Americas) – the chips are boiled in water and used as a rinse for the hair.
Tea Tree Oil – 2-3 drops of essential oil mixed with shampoo and used to wash the hair.
Parents are advised to seek the advice of a medical herbalist to get the best from herbal medicine and for advice on treating their children’s head lice and for dealing with un-hatched eggs (nits).
More about Bug Busting Day
The day is organised by Community Hygiene Concern a not-for-profit charity set up in 1988 to protect people, especially children, and pets, from parasites commonly found in the UK. Their current work centres on development of the Bug Busting solution to head lice and nits.
For information about head lice visit:
More about the NIMH
The National Institute of Medical Herbalists is the UK's leading professional body representing herbal medicine practitioners.

First established as the National Association of Medical Herbalists in 1864, today the National Institute of Medical Herbalists has more than 600 members across the UK and beyond.

The Institute promotes the benefits of herbal medicine and oversees the provision of the best patient care through the work of its members.

NIMH members undergo a lengthy training programme before they can register as qualified medical herbalists. Practitioners train for at least three years and adhere to a strict code of conduct before they can gain MNIMH or FNIMH after their name. Recently qualified practitioners will have taken a BSc in Phytotherapy (herbal medicine).

NIMH-registered medical herbalists are trained in the same diagnostic skills as mainstream doctors but take a more holistic approach to treating illness. Herbalists treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions and frequently work in collaboration with GPs and consultants to achieve the best combination of treatments for individual patients.

NIMH can be contacted at:
Clover House, James Court, South Street, Exeter EX1 1EE
Tel: +44 (0) 1392 426022
Fax: +44 (0) 1392 498963