Herbal Medicine

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is the use of whole plant preparations in the treatment of ailments and disease to enhance optimum health. Today around 80% of the world's population rely on herbs as their first line of defence against disease.
Having existed for over 2000 years, it is the oldest known form of medicine. Herbal Medicine can be used to support patients in the management of both acute and chronic conditions.

Modern Western Herbal Medicine…

Medical Herbalists are qualified practitioners who have trained to degree level and beyond. They combine traditional herbal knowledge with up to date modern research in order to use herbal medicines to treat disease and enhance health.

What form do Herbal medicines take?

The type of medicine you will be given may be:

Tinctures – herbs preserved in alcohol,                                                              

Teas – dried herbs which need to be added to hot water,

Decoctions – usually roots which need boiling, 

Capsules – usually in a vegetable based casing, or Creams, lotions, liniments, powders or ointments for external application.

Conditions that respond well to Herbal Medicine:

Most common conditions that would be treated by a GP (family doctor) have traditionally been helped by herbal medicine. These include:

• Digestive problems.

• Low mood, anxiety and sleeping problems.

• Menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms.

• Urinary problems such as painful urination or frequency.

• Blood pressure issues and cholesterol problems.

• Allergies and sinus problems.

• Skin problems such as spots, rashes or itchy skin conditions.

• Muscle and joint pain.

• Chronic fatigue and post viral conditions. 

• Acute conditions such as colds and flu and coughs.

Holistic Treatment:

Designed to empower the patient, holistic treatments place emphasis on the patient’s role in achieving and maintaining optimum health.   Consultations address:

physical health issues, mental well being, emotional well being, diet and lifestyle.

The process should be viewed as a team effort between the patient and the practitioner with the goal being your optimum health.

For more information on consultation fees, or to book an appointment, please contact Claire on 07715502656 or 01983 616009.

What to expect from a consultation with a Medical Herbalist.

Consultations are confidential in nature and are held in a private room.

First appointment:

A first appointment usually lasts between one hour to an hour and a half. 

During the consultation you will be asked questions so that the herbalist can get an accurate overview of your health and identify the underlying cause of the problem. These questions relate not only to your current health but also look at your past medical history and take into account any medications you may be taking. The Herbalist may also discuss your lifestyle asking about exercise or dietary habits.
The herbalist may also need to carry out a physical examination for example listening to your lungs or taking your blood pressure. 
A herbal prescription usually consists of a tincture, however prescriptions are tailored to the individual needs of each patient and may include teas, creams, powders or even advice on supplements and lifestyle.

Follow up consultations:

These typically last up to half an hour and are usually scheduled every 2-3 weeks in order to closely monitor progress. Medicines may be modified at each visit depending on the individuals needs. 
Medicine costs apply with a typical weeks prescription usually costing around £8.00

For more information on consultation fees, or to book an appointment, please contact Claire on 07715502656 or 01983 616009

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